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There has been much speculation as to whether or not Twitter will buy the social music giants SoundCloud. Is this pure speculation or is it something that we are going to see within the near future. There has been rumors of Twitter having a slight growth problem but when you look at the facts and figure of how Twitter has grown from the day it gave birth we see no threat in what Twitter can and will do with or without SoundCloud.

They are calling this the ” Facebook killer ” which as much as Twitter would love this to happen it is very doubtful with Facebook still growing past expectations every month. Twitter has been seen as the runner up when it comes to Facebook especially when they decided to buy Instagram which has now become such a global hit that almost anyone with a smart phone is using it.

We personally would like to see Twitter buy SoundCloud to see what they will do with it’s resources when it comes to being able to add the music functions for Twitter’s users as this would certainly drive a whole lot of new traffic to this website. From our own studies we have seen that a very large amount of SoundCloud users always upload their tracks on SoundCloud in a tweet to direct their followers to listen to their tracks but if Twitter did buy out the music giants it would benefit both users from Twitter and SoundCloud.

This is something to watch out for and will cause a ” social bang ” within the social networking world !