Boost Followers


According to the daily mail and financial times Twitter have been considering buying a music streaming company, their last talks were about buying SoundCloud which is as we see it the biggest of them all when it comes to uploading music and being noticed as an artists. There has been some doubt from insiders who stated that copy right issues is holding Twitter back from buying SoundCloud as well as probability issues. There will always be people stating none factual evidence about such a move so this is something we will all have to wait until Twitter have spoken publicly about it.

Our personal thoughts on the matter are both positive and negative, if they do of course buy out SoundCloud then they are going to be neck and neck with their biggest rivals, Facebook. They will also be able to make money from audio adds as well as allow their current users to upload music to their Twitter profile. The bad side to this all could be that it could cost Twitter a very large amount of money which as the insider did state could not make them a healthy amount of profit when it comes to adds.

We would love to see the move happen so we could see how Facebook would react and what they would do to try and better it. They brought out Instagram which was the smartest and most successful buy in recent history so Twitter surely need to pull something out of the bag to counter attack their rivals.