Boost Followers


Twitter is without a doubt the most consistent social media network that is used on daily bases by millions. Celebrities are signing up to this network allowing their fans to follow what they are up to and new events that they are going to be holding. Twitter was known as the most used social media network in 2013 and currently stands first place this year so far.

No matter who you are or what you do you can benefit from using Twitter. Artists are uploading new tracks that they have just released. Businesses are promoting new products that are soon to hit the shelves. Members of the public are using this network to stay in touch with their friends and family.

Twitter has come a very long way from when it first started out. The thought of competing with Facebook who today are their biggest rivals seemed impossible but although many people are active on Facebook the same amount of not more are using Twitter. Twitter is a social network that anyone can use. Businesses have had a large amount of success due to promoting their products and keeping active with their clients. The fact that Twitter allows you to share pages and for your own pages to be re tweeted by your followers is one of the reasons Twitter stands out above the rest. It simply is a great marketing tool no matter what niche you are within.

The first ever tweet was tweeted by the co founder Jack Dorsey and it said ” setting up my Twitter ” This was back in 2006. Since then Twitter has over 645,750,000 are currently active on this social network. A fun fact for you to know is that over 135,000 people sign up to this social network everyday and the site currently receives over 190 million unique visitors every month.